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J.W. Angell, Jr.

Angell’s is a small town independent retailer in downtown Centralia with a long and unique history. Its roots came from Kansas City from when Shipley’s Saddlery across from the old Kansas City Stockyards was liquidated and closed. L.W. Angell  Jr., the store founder of Angell’s was on a cattle buying trip to the stockyards when he was attracted to the liquidation sale. L.W. Angell had always been drawn to buying and selling of all kinds, with one of his first jobs being a wholesale candy vender with a regular route in Central Missouri. It appeared that a unique opportunity was at hand. This was something he rarely let get away and it wasn’t long before a deal was struck for ALL the remaining Shipley’s inventory.

Several loads of boots, hats, and large variety of clothing was loaded and backhauled in livestock trucks to the family farm over the next few weeks. L.W. started this business out of the basement of his home, but most of his new customers became familiar with his merchandise from the trunk of his car. He was selling to friends and business acquaintances in a large circle in Central and Northeast Missouri, often setting up in the parking lot of numerous area livestock salebarns before weekly auctions.

It didn’t take long before Mrs. Angell urged her husband to move his new business venture out of her house and to its present building on Allen Street.  Angell’s has continued to grow and change to keep pace with the needs and tastes of their large and loyal group of patrons that frequently visit the store.

Customers mostly originate from Central and Northeast Missouri, but because of memorable past shopping experiences, they have a growing list of regular out of state customers who make this store a destination stop on annual visits to the area.

Boots, jeans, shirts and blouses, both western or not, is what they are commonly known for, but you never know what else you might find! That is what makes shopping independent, small retailers both fun and unique. The Angell family would like to encourage you to experience the pleasure of shopping independent, small town retailers. We hope you start with Angell’s Western Wear and More, but other great independent retailers await your discovery as well!